[RC5] How to Interpret Keyspace Plots, please?

Daniel Baker dbaker at jeep.ops.neosoft.com
Sat Jun 13 16:08:46 EDT 1998

> Was some subspace reissued, and if so, which, and how many time?  Is 
> the info available somewhere?

0x64, 0x66, 0x68, and 0x6a have all been reissued.  Reissuing of
subspaces will become less common as the amount of disk space on
the master increases.

This information is not currently available anywhere.

> When subspace will be reissued, after all subspace has been sent 
> once?

When we're running out of blocks and a subspace has been sitting
idle for a month or so.

> When a subspace is reissued, what will happen the the percentage of
> keys sent? Will it be reset to the value of key received? (for
> example, rx:93%, sent:98%, will "sent" be reset to 93% when starting
> to reissue keys?) 

Yes, you are correct.

> What would happen if the master key was running out of keys for a 
> few hours?  Would there be enough key in the sub key server to last 
> for a little while?

No, the proxies will generate random blocks from the random spaces.

If the master cannot generate any keys, it has enough in the queue
to last about ten minutes.

> There is only a few percent to send when a subspace is reissued,
> that means that it would be necessary to switched out almost
> immediately to maintain that 3% margin, no?  Can we ever 
> send 100% of the keys?

Eventually we will be able to.  Getting the last one or two percent
out of a subspace requires a lot of cpu power and man hours

> Why the master key server does not switch automatically? Would it be 
> difficult to make it do so?

It's just a feature that's not currently available. 

There are a couple of issues that make it complicated.  I would 
prefer it to be manual to avoid error on such an important
part of the project.

> How many people are in charge of the keyspace management? Who?

Several distributed.net admins discuss and plan keyspace management,
but for the most part, only one person actually changes subspaces
on the master.  This is done to reduce possible confusion.

> Is the subspace web page
> (http://www.distributed.net/statistics/graphs/) buggy? Sometime the
> page never stop loading, sometime it shows blank, sometime the
> graphs don't show, and some more variations. This is the only page
> that does that, that I know of.

That, and the proxyinfo page, are the only pages on www.distributed.net
that are automatically generated very often.

The program that generates /graphs/ has to run some fairly intensive
programs on the keymaster for an extended period of time.  Sometimes, for
a currently unknown reason, these programs abort.  When this happens, the
script produces some nicely broken HTML. :) 

The problem is currently being worked on.  It should be getting better.


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