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Mon Jun 15 14:59:41 EDT 1998

     Almost.  But what we need to know isn't when the first issue of a 
     keyspace is going to occur, but when the *second* (or subsequent) 
     issues of a keyspace will occur.  Second issues are *much* faster 
     than first issues.  0x68 was almost completely reissued, completely 
     negating the work of my off-line farm before I could flush a single 
     Here are the things that need to be known by the off-line farms:
     1) When is a new subspace being opened.
        If we know this, we can fetch to the farm right then and thus
        maximize the "cud chewing" time on the farm.
     2) When is a subspace being reissued.
        If we know this, we can flush the buffers of blocks in that
        subspace as soon as the reissue alert is thrown.  This minimizes
        redundant cracking.
     Again, a point that's easy for the more technically oriented people 
     who are in this effort to forget:  cracking tons of keys is not a 
     technological issue; it's a people issue.  If people get demoralized 
     in this effort, they'll leave.  I'm inclined to just kill off my 
     off-line farm because it's "not sufficiently fulfilling" to keep it 
     up.  I suppose I could be alone in this, but it seems a little 
     The "trick" is to get people to feel that they are accomplisihing 
     something when they run the client.  Stacking the cards so that they 
     are unlikely to do so will hurt participation.  When I run the 
     client on my on-line machines, I feel that I'm doing something 
     useful.  The difficulty of doing anything useful with the off-line 
     clients reduces my desire to help the effort by running the off-line 
     D.Net needs every CPU is can get.  But, obviating their work is not 
     the way to get them.
            -- Eric Gindrup ! gindrup at

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Subject: Re: Re[2]: Lack of communication, was: Re: [RC5] Supspace 0x
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OK, so now the keyspace plots are on line, doesn't that show you when 
we're nearing the end of a subspace? (Although a message to the list 
would be nice)
     Edwin ten Dam                                   etd at 

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