[RC5] Upcoming DES contest

Michael Spann mikes at spann.com
Thu Jun 18 10:55:59 EDT 1998

It seems to me that the challange in the upcoming DES contest will be to 
see how fast people can switch machines from RC5 to DES.  The one to two 
week average time it took most of us last contest to get machines 
converted will ruin this contest.  The big problem of the last DES was 
lack of clients.  That seems to be solved.  The big problem this time 
will be a rapid changeover of those people who want to switch and those 
machines they want to switch.

With that in mind, I have begun validating the newest clients and 
installing them on machines.  v2.7020 seems to run fine on K5's, which 
marks the last of my machines that was stuck on the 6401 client for 
stability.  Just as a humorous note.  A K5-166 using v2.7020 checks the 
same number of blocks per day as a K6-233.  Nice little processor.

That said, I have come up with a few questions that the d.net needs to 
answer for the general population to ensure that the changeover from RC5 
to DES takes palace smoothly.

1. what do we need to do to our pproxies to enable them to switch over 
from RC5 to DES?  I have estimated that I should set DES block counts to 
twice RC5 block counts, but don't know if any other commands need to be 
in the config file.

2. what do we need to do to our clients to enable them to switch over 
from RC5 to DES?

3. what do we need to do to our clients to those we want to stay on RC5 
to NOT switch over from RC5 to DES?  [warning here.  If the answer is 
you can't, you better expect a bunch of people to pull the plug on your 

4. Will the pproxies and clients that we have configured to run both
contests switch automatically?  Or will you wait the several days it will
take us to get to each machines and restart them? 

5. how much of this has been tested :)

Please let us know as least two to three weeks in advance of the 
switchover of any configuration changes we need to make.  If you wait 
till the last day, you can, and should, expect a several week delay in 
our converting from RC5 to DES once the contest begins.
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