[RC5] Upcoming DES contest

Keith Chang changk at bigfoot.com
Thu Jun 18 16:32:56 EDT 1998

>2. what do we need to do to our clients to enable them to switch over 
>from RC5 to DES?

>From my undestanding that should be the easiest part.  On the Win95 GUI
there's an option under buffers asking for your preferred contest.  Mine's
set to DES, but it's cracking RC5 blocks because it's getting the DES
CONTEST OVER message from the proxies.  I believe that once the new DES
contests start, the proxies will remove that message, and the clients with
DES set as their preferred contest will go ahead and start cracking DES

That also means that once the contest is done, these clients will revert
back to RC5 blocks with virtually no user intervention.

> 3. what do we need to do to our clients to those we want to stay on RC5 
> to NOT switch over from RC5 to DES?  [warning here.  If the answer is 
> you can't, you better expect a bunch of people to pull the plug on your 
> project].

Just keep your preferred contest as RC5.  The client won't even download
any DES blocks.


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