[RC5] Upcoming DES contest

Dave Avery cwax at pacbell.net
Thu Jun 18 18:33:41 EDT 1998

On Thu, 18 Jun 1998 09:55:59 -0700 (PDT), Michael Spann wrote:

>It seems to me that the challange in the upcoming DES contest will be to 
>see how fast people can switch machines from RC5 to DES.  The one to two 
>week average time it took most of us last contest to get machines 
>converted will ruin this contest.  The big problem of the last DES was 
>lack of clients.  That seems to be solved.  The big problem this time 
>will be a rapid changeover of those people who want to switch and those 
>machines they want to switch.
>With that in mind, I have begun validating the newest clients and 
>installing them on machines.  v2.7020 seems to run fine on K5's, which 
>marks the last of my machines that was stuck on the 6401 client for 
>stability.  Just as a humorous note.  A K5-166 using v2.7020 checks the 
>same number of blocks per day as a K6-233.  Nice little processor.
>That said, I have come up with a few questions that the d.net needs to 
>answer for the general population to ensure that the changeover from RC5 
>to DES takes palace smoothly.
>1. what do we need to do to our pproxies to enable them to switch over 
>from RC5 to DES?  I have estimated that I should set DES block counts to 
>twice RC5 block counts, but don't know if any other commands need to be 
>in the config file.

set your pproxy to buffer no more that 1 days worth of blocks - better to
underestimate than have too many blocks.

same with the client buffer counts - clients should also only buffer a days
 worth of blocks max.

NOTE: there will be NEW PPROXIES released by monday that will be
required for use with any client newer than 2.7100
>2. what do we need to do to our clients to enable them to switch over 
>from RC5 to DES?

you need a client newer than build 396 -
set preferredcontest = 2

on clients newer than build 408
set processdes =1

>3. what do we need to do to our clients to those we want to stay on RC5 
>to NOT switch over from RC5 to DES?  [warning here.  If the answer is 
>you can't, you better expect a bunch of people to pull the plug on your 

clients older than 408
 set preferedcontest=1

clients newer then 408
 set processdes=0

>4. Will the pproxies and clients that we have configured to run both
>contests switch automatically?  Or will you wait the several days it will
>take us to get to each machines and restart them? 

contest switching on clients newer than build 396 is fully automatic
every time a client connects to a proxy it gets a message telling
it what contests are active - same with pproxys

>5. how much of this has been tested :)

well we got an unintentional test yesterday - a proxy got started with a bad
config file , and every client connecting to it did the switch :-)

we have a complete master-> proxy setup that we are using to test all the new builds

>Please let us know as least two to three weeks in advance of the 
>switchover of any configuration changes we need to make.  If you wait 
>till the last day, you can, and should, expect a several week delay in 
>our converting from RC5 to DES once the contest begins.

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