[RC5] Statistics

Glen Hoag hoag at ro.com
Mon Jun 15 19:05:57 EDT 1998

>Having recently started working on the RC-5 project, I am a little confused
>about the statistics display on the home page. What does it mean when it says:
>Current Ranking 28235 ^ 964
>What does the ^ mean?
>Does this mean that there are 28235 email accounts working on this and that
>I rank 964th?

It means that you rank 28235th and have moved up 964 places since
yesterday.  If you click on your name in the [single item] list, you'll get
more detail on your contribution to the effort and a list of the people who
rank closest to you in number of blocks submitted.

--Glen Hoag
  hoag at ro.com

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