[RC5] 2 machines...

Marc Sissom msissom at dnaent.com
Tue Jun 16 09:47:55 EDT 1998

Christopher Hodson (Consultant) wrote:
> Daniel Baker wrote:
> > The RC5-64 keyspace is divided into 256 56 bit subspaces.
> > A subspace is 67108864 (67.1 megs) bytes, making the full
> > keyspace 17179869184 bytes (17.1 gigs).
> >
> So with drives as low as 4gig/$200, this is an $1000 problem.  In other
> words, a pittance.

Does this mean that you are volunteering to purchase the new drives?
Afterall, if it's only pittance...I'm sure a couple or three of
those 8 or 9G HP drives would fit nicely into the master.

> Christopher M. Hodson
> System Admin (Consultant)
> Hewlett Packard Engineering Services Group

Otherwise, I imagine that we wait until the Eyegive $ come in.

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