[RC5] Request for new graph

Ives Gobau ives.gobau at village.uunet.be
Tue Jun 16 22:42:36 EDT 1998

With the current stats webpages it is possible to view the top 100, and
someone's position in the ranking if you know the e-mail address.

But I am also interested to know things like:
How many blocks has the person that is ranked 1000 ? or 2000 ?

At this time, I have checked some 8000 blocks. Every time I check my stats,
I also see others who have done just as much blocks as me.

I am interested in seeing the following X-Y graph:
The X axis should give the rank (from 1 to 50000+, for every e-mail in the
stats database.)
The Y axis should give the number of blocks checked (from 1 to ???)

It is not difficult to make such a graph, I think.

Ives Gobau

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