[RC5] Re: Old blocks in buffers

Ryan Schmidt berrytech at bigfoot.com
Sun Jun 21 16:58:51 EDT 1998

>OK, first questions...  Does the client take the oldest, or the newest, blocks
>from the buffer?  For example, my buffer is 50, but I rarely get more than 40
>blocks done without a flush/fetch, so are those last 10 or so blocks months
>old?  Or are they only a day or two old?

If your buffer size is 50 blocks but you do a fetch and flush at 40 blocks, the
last 10 blocks in your buffer are very old. This is the "FIFO/LIFO" debate that
continues on this list, and will probably continue until the v3 clients are
released, which will hopefully address this problem.

>Next...  What is a safe amount of time between updates of a clients buffers
>without risking the blocks being reissued?  I think I've heard at lest every 6
>weeks to avoid redundancy.  Is this accurate?

If this machine has an Internet connection of any kind, either by dialup or
direct network, it should be configured to fetch and flush at least daily. If
this machine is offline, I would recommend updating at least monthly. (The
current estimate for reissues is indeed 6 weeks, but this can only decrease as
d.net's processing power increases.)
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