[RC5] [ADMIN] State of distributed.net Address - June 21st, 1998

Adam L. Beberg beberg at distributed.net
Mon Jun 22 01:02:06 EDT 1998

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*** News ***

For the week ending 6/20, we did 45.8 million blocks for an average
keyrate was 20,348 Mk/s. This is an increase of 626,000 blocks
208 Mk/s from last week. At 20,348 Mk/s, it will take 28.43 years to
exhaust the keyspace, down from 28.75 years last week, and 78.96 years
after our first month on the project (11/22/97). If our rate is
growing linearly at 26,400 blocks per day, we will exhaust the
keyspace in 5.6 years. If our keyrate is doubling every 133 days,
we will exhaust the keyspace in 2.1 years.

DES-II-2 will begin in 21 days.

The sbox client project is now done (for this round). PLease kill off
your sbox clients when you install 2.7100 (see below)

Several new changes have been made to the stats site, Stats master
Nugget has been busy. Please go take a look (if you don't already
look daily).

*** We Need You *** IMPORTANT ***

DES-II-2 is only three weeks away and we are in urgent need
of hardware for the keymaster.  The box is in need of faster I/O as
it is, and with the additional 50 or 60 Gkey/s, it just won't be fast

If you have an UWSCSI disk that you can spare for distributed.net,
please email dbaker at distributed.net as soon as possible.

Many thanks to nwcr for his donation of an Adaptec 2940UW! ]:8)

*** Other News ***

A reminder that http://rc5.distributed.net/ WILL BE ELIMINATED on
June 23rd; the correct URL is http://www.distributed.net/ - This
will be the last notification of this change.

As of tonight, the release of 2.7100 clients is scheduled for this
Wednesday. it's VERY important that you upgrade as many clients as
possible as soon as these new clients are available. It's even more
important that you read the upgrade instructions in the readme file
as several important changes have been made.

The new clients have several big improvements:
1. New cores for all platforms yielding higher DES rates on all
   clients, with improvements ranging from 50 kkeys/second to
   8 megakeys/second, depending on the processor.
2. Automated contest switching.  Older clients will not automatically
   switch from rc5 to des; to ensure that your clients start on
   DES-II-2 ASAP without human intervention, an upgrade is required.

If you are running a personal proxy you MUST upgrade it _before_ you
upgrade any of your clients. Older personal proxies  will not let
blocks from the new clients pass through.

  Adam L. Beberg
  beberg at distributed.net
  distributed.net founder

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