[RC5] Upcoming DES contest

Marc Sissom msissom at dnaent.com
Mon Jun 22 10:24:23 EDT 1998

Dave Avery wrote:
> NOTE: there will be NEW PPROXIES released by monday that will be
> required for use with any client newer than 2.7100

Will the new ones work with old clients?

> well we got an unintentional test yesterday - a proxy got started with a bad
> config file , and every client connecting to it did the switch :-)

Really? What were the version numbers of all of those clients
that were successfully 'tested'?

> we have a complete master-> proxy setup that we are using to test all the new builds

What about old clients? Are you going to wait until I report 8K
DES2-2 blocks missing from the stats before discovering a bug in
the pproxy? That's what happenend the last time I upgraded a
pproxy without testing it myself.

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