[RC5] Lack of communication, Keyspace plot, Eyegive

David McNett nugget at slacker.com
Tue Jun 23 17:42:34 EDT 1998

On 23-Jun-1998, Dennis Lo wrote:
> Is there any method to check how much money has been raised through Eyegive?


> If the money raised is "substantial", I think D.Net could allocate some
> money to increase the size and power of the master key server and possibly
> increase the number of open keyspaces. 

We are currently unable to collect any of the eyegive money, pending 
specific paperwork from the IRS regarding our nonprofit status.  Earlier
this month, it became clear that further progress would be quite difficult
and we've had to "bring in the big guns" and retain the services of an
attorney to assist.

Please note that the money we are earning at eyegive is just accumulating
pending the resolution of our IRS headaches, and our continued patronage
benefits everyone.

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