[RC5] Upcoming DES contest

dan carter motion at es.co.nz
Wed Jun 24 16:04:19 EDT 1998

Could we have some confirmation as to which clients will switch?

A number of people who seem to be 'in the know' say any version 
above 2.7???.396, while occasionally that gets contradicted and we 
are told we need one of the yet to be released 2.7100.??? clients.

Perhaps a short FAQ should be compiled that details the client 
versions and relevant switches, eg preferedcontest=

On Tue, 23 Jun 1998 13:49:07 -0600, Steve Bird wrote:

>According to the announcement yesterday, clients that support
>AUTO-SWITCHING will be released on Wednesday(6-24).  In theory, 
>should just set your PC(or whatever) to run that and it will 
switch over
>automatically when the contest starts :-)

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