[RC5] Beta and proper way to set up multiple clients?

Bruce D. Meyer bmeyer at rocsoft.net
Wed Jun 24 15:07:17 EDT 1998

After 45 days and 2.5 trillion keys, I wonder, am I doing this right? Here
are the two setups I have tried, and I don't like either of them.

Each machine on the network playing the game, got the GUI client properly
installed. Since only the server had Internet Access, I edited the registry
so the startup folder (and hence the ini file) would get seen on the server
by each computer.

I mumbled the number 'two' in French, and uninstalled all that mess, and
just dragged and dropped shortcuts from the server to each computers startup
folder (for rc5desg.exe.)

I set the ini file on the server to OFFLINE always. (I kept seeing computers
with NETWORK ERROR SLEEPING 3 seconds. I had to assume it was because the
server ini said online always, so the computers on the network thought they
themselves were always online, and would sleep because they are never

What I 'think' I want to do is:

Leave the Server in Dialup Lurk mode. Have it fetch / flush ALL the blocks.
(I want blocks on one computer) Let each computer talk to the server to send
and receive it's blocks.

NOTE: Not all computers crack each day. If you look at my stats
(bmeyer at rocsoft.net) You'll see some wild deviations. My best protection
against lightning, is I shut computers down each night if ANY chance of a
storm. (were only open for business in the day) During days, if certain
computers are being used, or month end is near, I disable the clients.

If you look at two days ago, I did 33 blocks I believe. I reset the config
accidentally, and left my email address as rc5 at distributed.net, and happily
donated a few hundred blocks to who knows who..

So, bottom line. With this type of a situation, what would anyone recommend
I do, to automate my setup for maximum stability, no network sleep errors,
and the ability to have plenty of blacks available for a bunch of Win95
P-150 166MMX, 200MX, PR-200, and one server at PPRO200. All on TCP/IP
Ethernet with firewall on server. Only a couple of the computers are able to
use the firewall, intentionally. Everyone else is blind to the outside
world. I want to make this maintenance free as possible. It ties up a bit of
time every day, just to ensure all the clients are actually working. (and
often have crashed or gone to sleep)

Bruce Meyer

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