[RC5] HTML Stat pages.

Klaas Bals kbals at mail.dma.be
Wed Jun 24 19:31:05 EDT 1998

Hi everyone...

I looked at the source of the HTLM file TeamSummary, for our team, and saw
it very neat. A nice structure etc. Now, I tried to replace all double
spaces by one, and found 2215 unnecessary blanks. 
My question is: since the html-file is generated by a program, it really
doesn't matter what structure it has. Even CRs etc aren't necessary. Now
probably bandwith is not the reason why the statserver is sometimes too
busy, but I suppose it could help a little bit removing this overhead... 
This change only (i.e. removing double blanks) would save 7% of the filesize!

Correct me if I'm wrong, and perhaps think about it next time the statpages
are redesigned.

Just wondering...
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