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gindrup at okway.okstate.edu gindrup at okway.okstate.edu
Wed Jun 24 17:49:47 EDT 1998

     Well, it may not be a complete list of background downloaders, but a 
     quick run to TUCOWS found applicable items at:
        for Win95/98 (note below)
        for WinNT
        for Win3.x
     It is faster to go through
     select your country (or one to which you are quickly connected) and 
     then select a TUCOWS mirror nearby.  There are *many* of them.
     I know this isn't "what D.Net wrote".  However, it's not a new wheel 
     to invent either and there are some relatively mature products out 
     there.  I know PC Mag did a review in the past couple of months on 
     background download managers.
     Ob D.Net:
     It might be good to set one of these up to download the latest client 
     for your platform every monday or something...
            -- Eric Gindrup ! gindrup at Okway.okstate.edu

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Subject: [RC5] distributed.everything 
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Date:    6/23/98 11:34 PM

  As I write this I'm currently downloading 32 MB of demo software.  I can't
browse the internet, as the downloading is hogging all of my bandwidth.  I 
also can't browse because netscape will sometimes crash will browsing and 
downloading.  And as I sit here looking at the "three hours left," I'm 
thinking, "wouldn't it be great if someone did for our modems what 
distributed.net has done for our cpu."
  What if someone wrote a program that would download large files in the
background, letting the web browser grab its data when it needed to?  Want to 
download all those nice demos?  Just copy the url into the program.  Whenever 
you're not using your modem, such as when you're reading this email, the 
program would download the large files.  Once a file was finished, it would be 
stored into a certain directory and the next file would be started.  No longer 
would our bandwidth go to waste.
  Now, since we all love d.net and the program I'm talking about is really a
d.modem, the two could be bundled together.  There was talk of putting a d.net 
client into other software, and this would be a nice place to start.  If this 
program has already been written or can't be written, please let me know.  If 
not, who wants to write it?  It shouldn't be difficult at all for the 
programmers participating in d.net :)
PS  Another thought:  someone should set up a contest (no money involved, just 
honor and glory) to guess the time (day, hour, minute) des2 is cracked
Greg Hogan
GMH13 at aol.com
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