[RC5] Rack stuffed full of motherboards (follow-u

bleh at mindless.com bleh at mindless.com
Wed Jun 24 21:11:50 EDT 1998

On Tue, May 05, 1998 at 08:42:31AM -0600, gindrup at okway.okstate.edu wrote:
>      I've received a couple of personal e-Mails from people with spare 
>      30-pin SIMMs lying around.  If we can find a place that sells P5 
>      mobos that accept 30-pin SIMMs, then this solution is in business.  
>      I would expect such mobos to be dirt cheap since they're from the 
>      486 -> P5 migration period. 

I've never seen a P5 with 30-pin SIMM slots, and I have a 486 with 72-pin 
SIMMs.  However, during the switch from 30- to 72-pin SIMMs they used to
make these little plastic adapter things that let you put four 30-pin SIMMs
into one 72-pin slot.  I don't think they were expensive, might not be a
bad idea.

>      Oh, BTW, Price Watch indicates that AMD said as recently as a couple 
>      of weeks ago that you could get K5-166s from AMD.  Hmm...  Since I 
>      recall (oh dear) that this chip is '486 pin-compatible, the only 
>      problem is finding '486 mobos that accept 30-pin SIMMs and *that's* 
>      not so improbable.

I wish.  K5's are pentium pin compatible.  AMD's 486 clone was the 5x86...
the fastest one was 133mhz.
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