[RC5] Time out and DES-II-2 challenge

ALBERTY Pascal pal at bsb.be
Thu Jun 25 10:40:09 EDT 1998


13th is approching, client is not there but it'll be soon.

For the moment I'm running clients on several P200 at work
and on my old 486 at home. Because this one is not on the
Internet permanently, I got 50 blocks and it'll take +/-
10 days to complete all the blocks. But it's not a real
problem for RC5-64 challenge.

Imagine now that I do the same with DES-II-2 challenge ?
I got several blocks on my very very old and slow computer and
(my god !) I got THE key, but my computer take more than
10 days to find it.

Is there a solution for slow computer keeping keys to much time ?


ALBERTY Pascal - pal at bsb.be
Business Solutions Builders

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