[RC5] Re: rc5-digest V1 #212

Paul West paulw at premier1.net
Thu Jun 25 20:22:31 EDT 1998

Brice D. Fleckenstein wrote:

> I have no clue what sort of K5's YOU use, but *ALL* of the
> K5's I have ever seen or worked with run with CPU clock
> speed set to the speed equal to the name of the chip - K5-75
> at 50x1.5, K5-90 at 60x1.5, K5-133 at 66x2, K5-150 officially
> at 60x2.5 (see below), K5-166 at 66x2.5.

You may have the MB jumpers set that way, however the K5's had
the multiplier's hard wired into them.  They ignore the MB
multiplier settings.  I beleive this was the case with ALL K5's
except for the PR166.

>> BTW, AMD claims that they never made a K5-PR150
> I have an AMD K5-150 in one of my machines - overclocked to
> 166. I had to slow the memory timings down a HAIR to do the
> overclock reliably - but it is now my FASTEST RC5 key 
> cracker, by a hair over any of my K5-166s.

I had one also, for about two days.  After checking with AMD
and their denying they ever made a 150, it was pretty much
determined that these were bootleg, re-marked chips.  Once
that was confirmed by AMD, the chip was returned to the
place of purchase.

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