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John Poznicek johnpoz at enteract.com
Sat Jun 27 18:14:42 EDT 1998

Why aren't you running a personal proxy??

It would solve basically all your problems.  All your machines are on your
network using TCP/IP  Just set up the clients to point to the IP of the
machine running the perproxy.

Set the perproxy up on a machine that has access to the net through the
firewall.  Then you can basically forget about it, except to check on it now
and then, to make sure its still up and running.  If you check your stats
now and then - you'll notice if something has gone wrong!

You might also want to switch to the win95 hidden client, Vs the GUI -
install as a service.  a a lot less hassle for remote boxes.

If you have any specific questions - feel free to email me!

You can grab the perproxy at;


a couple of tools to help are available here;

For machines running NT this is very helpful for installing the service


And checkout;


for a proxy monitor - to keep track of your machines, i.e. are they turning
in blocks, etc..


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Date: Wed, 24 Jun 1998 14:07:17 -0400
From: "Bruce D. Meyer" <bmeyer at rocsoft.net>
Subject: [RC5] Beta and proper way to set up multiple clients?

After 45 days and 2.5 trillion keys, I wonder, am I doing this right? Here
are the two setups I have tried, and I don't like either of them.

Each machine on the network playing the game, got the GUI client properly
installed. Since only the server had Internet Access, I edited the registry
so the startup folder (and hence the ini file) would get seen on the server
by each computer.


So, bottom line. With this type of a situation, what would anyone recommend
I do, to automate my setup for maximum stability, no network sleep errors,
and the ability to have plenty of blacks available for a bunch of Win95
P-150 166MMX, 200MX, PR-200, and one server at PPRO200. All on TCP/IP
Ethernet with firewall on server. Only a couple of the computers are able to
use the firewall, intentionally. Everyone else is blind to the outside
world. I want to make this maintenance free as possible. It ties up a bit of
time every day, just to ensure all the clients are actually working. (and
often have crashed or gone to sleep)

Bruce Meyer

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