[RC5] Problems with "7100" version of FreeBSD client

Dave Marquardt marquard at zilker.net
Mon Jun 29 08:55:09 EDT 1998

I've seen two problems with this client.  First, which seems minor but
may indicate a problem, is that the client lists itself as v2.7025.410
rather than v2.7100.412.  Second, the client core dumps with "Bad
system call" when it tries to flush messages to the key server.  I
noticed this first because my cron job that runs `./rc5des -flush'
failed.  I noticed it again later when the client ran out of blocks
and tried to connect to the key server.

I've moved back to the beta level client (v2.7023.408) which seems to
work fine.

I'm more than happy to provide more information, if you need it.  Thanks!

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