[RC5] Time out and DES-II-2 challenge

ALBERTY Pascal pal at bsb.be
Mon Jun 29 15:45:45 EDT 1998

>| Is there a solution for slow computer keeping keys to much time ?

>You could do one of the following:
>-- Buffer the smallest size block, and always take your "buff-in.des"
>   file with you to work and flush it every day.
>-- Alternately, you could just leave the 486 out of the DES contest,
>   and let it keep working on RC5.
>The DES-II contest really needs short block latency in order to be
>effective, since we will probably start reissuing keyspace within a few
>(5-6 days) of starting it, if all goes well.  At that point, a block
>latency of as small as one day could kill us by causing oodles of
>duplicated work.

Of course I'll do it! But what about people who'll forget to make these
changes. Or people who'll keep intentionnaly blocks to slow down the project

For this kind of challenge (with a short time completion estimated), is a
out' for block a good solution (time out handle by key servers)?

ALBERTY Pascal - pal at bsb.be
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