[RC5] Problems with "7100" version of Win NT service client

lunaslide lunaslide at pacbell.net
Mon Jun 29 17:49:52 EDT 1998

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At 07:55 AM 6/29/98 -0500, you wrote:
>I've seen two problems with this client.  First, which seems minor but
>may indicate a problem, is that the client lists itself as v2.7025.410
>rather than v2.7100.412.  Second, the client core dumps with "Bad
>system call" when it tries to flush messages to the key server.  I
>noticed this first because my cron job that runs `./rc5des -flush'
>failed.  I noticed it again later when the client ran out of blocks
>and tried to connect to the key server.
>I've moved back to the beta level client (v2.7023.408) which seems to
>work fine.

There also seems to be a problem with the Win NT service client.  At first,
I had the client set to buffer blocks in memory.  With this setting, it
could retrieve blocks from my pproxy, but it would not flush them.  When I
turned off the memory buffering, the problem went away.

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