[RC5] [ADMIN] Announcing 2.7100 - June 27, 1998

Christopher Hodson (Consultant) cmh at fpk.hp.com
Tue Jun 30 12:48:32 EDT 1998

Jay Heyl wrote:
> >1. New cores for all platforms yielding higher DES rates on all
> >   clients, with improvements ranging from 50 kkeys/second to
> >   8 megakeys/second, depending on the processor.
> Since there is no new client for QNX, is it safe to assume QNX is no
> longer part of "all platforms" (i.e. no longer supported)?  If this is
> the case I'd sure like to know so I can quit wasting time trying to
> manage the machines I have running at work.
Or hp-ux.  Or, for a complete list:

WinNT alpha
Mac (all versions)
NetBSD (several)
Solaris 2.x (Sparc)
SunOS 4.1.4 (Sparc)
SunOS 4.1.1 (Sun3)
VMS (No DES version ever)
DEC Unix/OSF1 (all versions)
SCO5, UnixWare (x86)  [and this is x86!]
QNX (No DES version ever)
AIX (all versions)
Sequent DYNIX/ptx 4.x

Seems D.net's definition of 'all' is a bit messed up.
Christopher M. Hodson
System Admin (Consultant)
Hewlett Packard Engineering Services Group
cmh at fpk.hp.com
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