[RC5] Time out and DES-II-2 challenge

Stephen Berg sberg at gccweb.net
Tue Jun 30 12:42:53 EDT 1998

On Mon, 29 Jun 98 15:58:14 -0600, gindrup at okway.okstate.edu wrote:

>     For a while, some of the clients would lose a block if they were 
>     shut down in the middle of one.  This may or may not still be the 
>     case.  (I haven't checked.)  Thus, if you were using smaller blocks, 
>     you lost less work.  Similar comments hold if your machine regularly 
>     crashes or you have highly irregular power.

That problem doesn't exist now as long as you use the checkpoint
file.  You may lose some small amount of work but no where near a
whole block worth.

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