[RC5] Strange Benchmark Results?

Chris Eaton tridus at inforamp.net
Mon Jun 29 21:10:53 EDT 1998

No, your benchmarks are pretty much accurate, the DES cores are heavily
Optimized, and Pentium II/Pentium Pro machines are much better at Rc5 then

At 03:55 PM 29/06/98 , you wrote:
>I think I am getting some strange benchmark results on one of my
>My Pentium-MMX 200Mhz machine can do 1 million DES keys/sec in Windows
>When I do -benchmark on the latest v2.71 client on my Windows NT machine
>that is running a Pentium-II 300Mhz CPU I only get 1.3 million DES
>keys/sec.  It is correctly identifying the CPU as a Pentium-II and I am
>not running anything else on the machine when I am doing the benchmark
>test.  Shouldn't the Pentium-II be working a LOT faster for DES?  The
>Pentium-II machine does 830,000 RC5 keys/sec so that *seems* to be the
>correct speed.
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