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Ed Wensell III aka THE StormRaiser EWENSELL at pstcc.cc.tn.us
Tue Mar 31 23:45:33 EST 1998

=> Greets,

=> > a graph, the cracking of the code would form a bell curve. Sometimes
=> > it would solved right away. Sometimes it wouldn't be solved until

=> You mean a normal distribution curve right?

Sounds bout right.. I've only had basic statistics... That and more people are
more likely to know what the term "bell curve" is... You know us everyday joe
type people... :)

Before this gets any more out of hand... I was probably wrong on a couple
points concerning the stats. I guess the precision on my volcabulary isn't up
to par. Yes, every key has equal chance of being chosen to encode a message, 
but if several series of tests were run (sorta like during everyday 
use), one would find that more of the keys towards the middle of the pool would
TEND to be used more than the ones near the ends... I think another poster
explained that more eloquently...

My overall point was the cracking of the key is NOT the true experiment. The key
CAN and WILL be cracked if given enough time and/or horsepower. In this case,
the experiment ends up being whether or not enough computing horsepower could
be obtained to crack the code using limited resources (I think the DES
experiment even added a "within a reasonable time frame" factor). 

If finding the key was the actual experiment, the RSA could easily save 
themselves $10k by simply generating some keys out of the 64-bit pool, find 
where they fell in the pool, and calculate the average time it would take X 
number of Y-type computers to decode the message encoded with the given key
using just brute force (possibly even test to see if a linear pool or an 
"educated guess" pool would make a difference).

Another thing to think about is we have a distinct advantage over a hacker...
We know what the first few bytes of the message is...

On an unrelated topic... Does anyone know where I can find a list of processor
specific mailing lists/pages (I probably didn't dig deep enough into the d.net
site)? Particularly Alpha based (still trying to figure out why my Alpha isn't
cranking out keys as fast as similarly equipped Alphas).

Until soon...
Ed Wensell III
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