[RC5] Beale Cypher?

Scott McIntyre smcintyr at eden.rutgers.edu
Tue Mar 31 21:33:49 EST 1998

>Has anyone given any thought whether the Beale cyphers might be a
>project for d.net?  Would they lend themselves to be cracked by the
>current (or similar) computational model?  If the cyphers are a hoax,
>could that be "proven" beyond a reasonable doubt through d.net's
> George

I don't think that there is any way to do such a "proof".  If I recall
correctly, the Beale cyphers were based on word / letter lookups in
documents or books.  Each element of the code can stand for any arbitrary
letter.  The only way to solve them is to try a lot of different texts, and
see if they create an english sentence.  There is no proof of non-existence
because the needed text may just be impossible to find (lost in time

A Beale cypher essentially uses noise in the form of english sentences to
encrypt.  This type of encryption is basically unbreakable, unless you can
find the source of the noise.  Good thought though!

Scott McIntyre
smcintyr at eden.rutgers.edu

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