[RC5] "sexy" projects

Kalle Tuulos Kalle at Tuulos.iki.fi
Sun Mar 1 23:17:28 EST 1998

Frank Rival wrote:
> I vote we go for it.  All we should need to
> do is wrap the communication layer around the current GARSP core and
> build for the prospective clients (obviously making changes to all the
> keyservers and proxies...) and something should be ready.  Did I make
> that sound easy enough?

Before compiling GARSP to trial run in UltraSparc, I browsed through
it's source code. Code was quite neat and easily understood - I believe
it wouldn't take much work to insert the GARSP "module" into d.net
clients. I also vote that d.net should check possibilities in OGR

There is one big "con" in existing OGR clients. They demand a huge
choose.dat file. I'm using a 20 bit/map variant sized 11.5 megs. One can
either download existing choose.dat file from OGR pages or create such
himself - I think if we would go in OGR project, the choose.dat creation
code should be inserted into client.

	- kalle -
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