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Colin Green colin at zuyuva.demon.co.uk
Sun Mar 1 22:50:27 EST 1998

In message <199802281437.JAA14101 at chipsworld.llamas.net>, Greg Hewgill
<gregh at lightspeed.net> writes

>>Mathematical discoveries are not only international, but universal!
>This is why my primary project is Mersenne primes, with other mathematical
>projects such as Golomb rulers close behind. Frankly, I'm getting a little
>bored with decryption. I was introduced to large scale distributed 
>with the DESChall project, then moved to Mersenne primes after it 

>When DES-II came around, I fired up the d.net DES client on all my 
>suspending the Mersenne prime client. Now I'm back on Mersenne primes, 

I have followed much the same path as yourself. Discovering d.net during
RC5-56, switching to Mersenne primes, then to DES-II and now mainly back
to Mersenne. 

I would like to think that I am contributing to something real, not just
endless searching for keys that have no practical purpose. Now that I
know of a Golomb ruler search I may also drop Mersenne primes when I
finish my cuurent search.

There was also a brief mention of evolutionary computing some time ago
now.  This basically applies to a wide range of problems where there are
many near-optimal solutions which can be found in a key space. These
near-optimal solutions are good enough for practical purposes and
require far less CPU cycles to find.   eg. I did some work on evolving
timetables 2 years ago now. I guess it would also be applicable to
Golomb rulers, but far less satisfying to having THE optimal solution.

See ya, 

Colin D. Green   
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