[RC5] Switching over problems?

Casey Muller cmuller at thacher.org
Sun Mar 1 20:59:23 EST 1998

Hi, I saw someone mention this, but although I've watched closely for a
reply, none has been forthcoming on the list (as far as I noticed):

My email logs show some of my computers still working on DES... often
times it claims to have done blocks in a second or two, but sometimes they
are listed as taking as much as 3 hours for 12 blocks... Which blocks the
client is working on seems to alternate... it'll do 12 (my buffer size)
DES, then 12 RC5, and keep switching back and forth.

Since I have a lot of low-powered machines, I don't particularly want to
change them all by hand, nor do I wish to do so again in July, is there
some other fix?

On a different note, I don't know about everyone else, but as for new
project ideas, I like working on a project with the potential to make
money... kind of like a free-to-enter lottery, and it gets money for d.net.

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