[RC5] "sexy" projects

Jason Bechtel jbechtel at eng.utoledo.edu
Mon Mar 2 00:26:31 EST 1998

Kalle Tuulos wrote:
> There is one big "con" in existing OGR clients. They demand a
> huge choose.dat file. I'm using a 20 bit/map variant sized
> 11.5 megs. One can either download existing choose.dat file
> from OGR pages or create such himself - I think if we would go
> in OGR project, the choose.dat creation code should be
> inserted into client.

	I was unaware of this.  Thank you for pointing it out.  This would
certainly rule out running the client from a standard floppy! 
Fortunately, computers that will not be able to accommodate the
choose.dat file (it is necessary, isn't it?) can still work on RC5, DES
II-2 and other projects as they come along.  This should only be a
problem for a very small number of participants.

Jason Bechtel
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