[RC5] Dave McNett's note of 2-24 on distributed.net

Ohairy1 Ohairy1 at aol.com
Mon Mar 2 09:54:09 EST 1998

I read an apology regarding the faulty statistics in his note, regarding how
many machines of which type equate to the power of Distributed.net.

Unfortunately, the faulty statistics have not been corrected.  While a number
of Pentiums are listed, only one Mac, a 604e/200MHz cpu, is listed--and the
data for that processor are wrong.

Wy not post a corrected letter, fixing the number for that processor?  How
about adding the fastest Mac processor run (comparable to presenting data for
a 333 MHz Pentium II) to the list?  Surely, Macs running over 200 MHz were

Best regards,
Bob Patterson
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