[RC5] Golomb Rulers (was "sexy" projects)

Greg Hewgill gregh at lightspeed.net
Sun Mar 1 23:40:51 EST 1998

>Jason Bechtel wrote:
>Kalle Tuulos wrote:
>> There is one big "con" in existing OGR clients. They demand a
>> huge choose.dat file.
> I was unaware of this.  Thank you for pointing it out.  This would
>certainly rule out running the client from a standard floppy!

It's not strictly *necessary* to use a large choose.dat file, or even to
use one at all. Depending on how much memory you are willing to give up to
the search client, you can use a choose.dat ranging from 700k to nearly 100
MB (clearly unsuitable for ordinary floppies!). You can probably generate
an even smaller choose.dat file too. To avoid using choose.dat altogether,
you can use the older (and slower) "gvant" program, which has a very small
disk and memory footprint (a few tens of K on disk, a few hundred K in
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