[RC5] "sexy" projects

Shannon Jones scj at pobox.com
Mon Mar 2 10:32:41 EST 1998

Kalle Tuulos wrote:
> There is one big "con" in existing OGR clients. They demand a
> huge choose.dat file. I'm using a 20 bit/map variant sized
> 11.5 megs. One can either download existing choose.dat file
> from OGR pages or create such himself - I think if we would go
> in OGR project, the choose.dat creation code should be
> inserted into client.

You can choose different sizes for your choose.dat file.  The larger the
file, the faster you search.  The smallest available is 700k or so
(16bit/map).  This should be small enough for everybody.

The 700k is not just the disk requirements.  It does take up that much RAM.
It might be a good idea to implement the older GVANT algorithm, which uses
no choose.dat.  It takes up only the amount of space needed for the code
(about 100k).  But GVANT is 1/2 to 1/3 the speed of the newer algorithm

The user will see little difference between the two programs, other than
memory requirements and speed.  Implementing both algorithms would be almost
as easy as implementing one.  The networking/interface code would all be the
same.  It would be similar to choosing cores based on your processor in RC5,
but in OGR you would choose based on memory.

Shannon Jones
scj at pobox.com
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