[RC5] Win. Screensaver Question

Nick Schmitt schmitt at suba.com
Mon Mar 2 14:00:04 EST 1998

This is a frighteningly good idea!!  I know of two groups that I work with
who would love a screen saver that has an option (Even if you need to know
what you are doing!) of personalizing.


>The university that I am at may be willing to use the screensaver version
>of the client on their computers, as they currently don't have a
>screensavers and run the computers 24-7. They are also interested in it
>because the university staff could harness the v3 clients to do work for
>some of the ongoing projects being done on campus, the major detering
>factor is what appears on the screensaver. If we could plug in our own
>graphics sets, it may be possible for us to add about a hundred computers
>to the project. So would something like this be possible? Would the writers
>be willing to alter the code to allow a plugin architecture for the
>graphics? This may also allow other university's and buisnesses to put the
>client on their computers because the people on top may be more willing to
>use something of this nature (doesn't take cpu time while people are using
>it, looks like a personalized screensaver).

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