[RC5] First impressions

Paul Ross paul at pilat.com
Mon Mar 2 23:23:26 EST 1998

General moan at top of email, more specific questions at end :)

Forgive me for sounding naive, but I am :) I stumbled across the actual 
workings of d.net a couple of days ago, being familiar with the concept for 
some time, and got quite excited about actually being able to be part of this. 
 Having three P133s, a P266, a P300 and very shortly two more P333's available 
- each with about 80% idle processor time - I felt I could contribute a fair 
whack to the project. So hi ho, downloaded, installed and let's see what 

A couple of times, the list has mentioned attracting new people to the project. 
How this 'sexy' project would attract more participants, therefore even the 
non-sexy projects would benefit in the long run, etc, etc. Has anyone thought 
about scaring people off, though?

Someone (I deleted the mail, I forget who - sorry) has already brought up 
something I'd noticed straight away - how even though the DES contest was over, 
their machine was still downloading and cracking DES blocks. A tad worried that 
my servers were plugging away for nothing, I tried the stats pages, to see if 
I'd made a dent - result? Stats pages offline.

vvv relevant bits vvv

Now I realise that I may have joined this project at an unsteady time, in that 
the DES key has 'only just' been cracked, and the switch back to the original 
project is still ongoing. Is this the case? If so, how about a couple of more 
user friendly pages on the web site, explaining such? I'm sure there's at least 
a few people who've looked over the site and thought 'naaaah. Too much hassle.' 
when trying to make sense of the information held within.

Then, of course, that brings up another question, maybe one more suited to 
debate than a general moan over the quality of the website ;) Does d.net want 
to recruit people who are likely to delete the software halfway through a 
keyblock and never return the results, leaving that block to wait until the 
re-issue at the end?

Another question, based on issuing blocks - how is it allocated...start at the 
beginning and continue until the end, then stop? I know the correct key is 
chosen at random, but averages are it'll be more towards the middle than either 
end...you can guess where I'm heading.

Discussion invited, flames to be directed to my personal address :)

I know I'm a lengthy soab, but it's just my way of saying 'hi' ;)


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