[RC5] Improving threads on the list

Peter J. VanWylen pjv at freenet.macatawa.org
Mon Mar 2 19:38:11 EST 1998

I would just like this mailing list to work as best as possible so I am
giving two ideas:
1)   Please don't do "Re: rc5-digest V1 #123" or something like that.
     If would be much nicer if everybody did this because then the
     threads would stay intact.  We don't know what the message is about
     or what thread it fits in when it is an rc5-digest.  I always sort my
     by thread so that it is easier to read.
2)   Please don't do "Re[2]: [RC5] ..."  In Outlook Express (I know you
     don't all like MS products, but bear with me) it will not thread these
     with all the others.  I won't mention any names but it seems that only
     one person does this and it can get annoying.  Even worse:
     "Re: Re[4]: [RC5]..."  The longer the threads get carried out this
     way the worse things get.

One last question ... is the list moderated at all or is everything
automatically accepted now?

Thank You!

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