[RC5] Win. Screensaver Question

Dave Kaupp dave.kaupp at cubic.com
Mon Mar 2 17:39:14 EST 1998

On  2 Mar 98 at 13:51, Jared McIntyre wrote:

> The university that I am at may be willing to use the screensaver version
> of the client on their computers, as they currently don't have a
> screensavers and run the computers 24-7. They are also interested in it
> because the university staff could harness the v3 clients to do work for
> some of the ongoing projects being done on campus, the major detering
> factor is what appears on the screensaver. If we could plug in our own
> graphics sets, it may be possible for us to add about a hundred computers
> to the project. So would something like this be possible? Would the writers
> be willing to alter the code to allow a plugin architecture for the
> graphics? This may also allow other university's and buisnesses to put the
> client on their computers because the people on top may be more willing to
> use something of this nature (doesn't take cpu time while people are using
> it, looks like a personalized screensaver).
 I used a hex editor to remove all the text, some the the 
participants that I have recruted don't mind a screen saver that does 
something ,but if it says 'Crack, Encryption and/or Government' I 
dont think they would have it running for very long.  

 One complaint that I've had from everyone running the sceensaver is 
the time it takes to get control back while it shutsdown. If the 
client just displayed black a screen or an image, the working thread 
could be running in the background. When the user deactivates the 
screen saver, the working thread could start its shutdown while still 
giving control back the the user. 

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