[RC5] Golumb Ruler Data Files

Aaron Cannon cannona at poboxes.com
Mon Mar 2 20:33:49 EST 1998

On Mon, 2 Mar 1998, Peter J. VanWylen wrote:

> The size of the data file is the amount of RAM the client uses,
> so the 20-bit 11.5 meg data file, uses 11.5 megs of RAM as well.
> Peter

To add a little bit to that, the corolation between the amount of bits to
the amount of ram is figured as follows:  
11 times 2 to the N, where N is the number of bits.  So for example if you
used a 20 bit file (this is the default) you would figure it like so:
11 times 2 to the 20th.  Hope someone finds this of value.

As for my opinion on the whole thing, I say go for it.  Admitedly
decryption is getting borring, but I would hate to see the rc5 chalanges
thrown overboard.  Without decryption, Distributed.net just wouldn't be
the same.

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