[RC5] Server Interface (request)

Richard Marsden rmarsden at digicon-egr.co.uk
Tue Mar 3 15:34:52 EST 1998

I don't know if this has been suggested before, but some of our team
members would really
benefit from an email interface to the keyservers.

A lot of us (including myself) have semi-/permanent fast internet
connections, in  which case the current setup is obviously the best.

But, we have quite a few members who only really use regular dial-up IP for
getting/putting blocks.
Some of these have regular network problems, and remember, most people have
to pay for their phones calls (including local calls). 15 min+ to get
through is no joke if it happens regularly.
I am on the verge of losing quite a few members because of this!   (**)

What would really help, is if there a simple email interface. Perhaps a 1
line command in the email saying something like "fetch rc5 100" to fetch
100 blocks. Then the rest of the email is a MIME packed output buffer of
completed blocks.
Yes, this would require manual processing for the client user, but is a
*lot* less hassle than what they're having to do at the moment.
Most of our team members use CIX for their email. This is a conferencing
system rather than proper IP - email is quick, and we all use Offline
Readers.   (CIX also provide an ISP service)

You will notice that most of the other distributed systems (Mersenne
Primes, Golomb Rulers,etc) use email interfaces.

Also, I'm going to have another recruitment drive when RC5 Stats come back
online. An email interface would provide very good leverage!  :-)



(**) We finished about #56 in DES-II so we're not a small team either.

PS: There was talk of supercomputers. One of my team members tried running
the Alpha client on the 3rd Fastest Computer in the World (which is based
on Alphas), but it wouldn't run.
I have access to an SX/4 (#137 most powerful computer in the World), but
I'd probably get the sack if I used it for RC5-64.
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