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Tue Mar 3 10:33:39 EST 1998

On Tue, 3 Mar 1998, lunaslide wrote:
> Religious wars do no good.  But Macs are a word of mouth thing, where as
> you have to be unconscious not to be aware of M$.  Like the G3 I saw
> running Windows 95 faster than my Pentium 233 MMX at work :-)  

Quite true, the PPc seems to have a big advantage in integer math, and
8-16 bit computations. I haven't seen any data regarding it's performance
in 32 bit areas, but I'm sure if I leave the Intel side it will be to

> You're right.  Stats are more important.  It's not like it's not obvous
> which processor is faster.

Stats are very important, thats for sure, but remember they show
performance on a very limited scale. Many PC users don't give a hoot about
client speed comparisons beyond the scope of distributed.net, because it
is all integer math; modern OSs for x86 (Unix/NT) dont emphasise heavily
on these functions of the processor :) By no means can you use a benchmark
of such a limited program to determine processor speeds in anything other
then that program.
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