[RC5] First impressions

Marc Sissom msissom at dnaent.com
Tue Mar 3 10:33:20 EST 1998

Mike Learn wrote:
> I came upon an interesting thought today.  I agree that the order in which  the
> blocks are handed out should not matter.  However, it could be information that
> could be used to a competitor's advantage.

This has been covered way back in history when d.n actually
had viable competitors for a contest called RC5-56. Check
the dark, dusty mail list archives if you really want to
embark upon a journey for the discovery of the difference
between spoken words about motives, cooperation, and/or
competition, and the truth that is revealed by actions.

For DES2, there were potential competitors, but none that
would be influenced by the behavior of d.n. The big Fujitsu
box would not have changed its search algorithm because d.n
did or did not keep their path secret, random, or whatever.
It would have simply blown us away.

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