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Brice D. Fleckenstein ciga at surf-ici.com
Mon Mar 2 12:13:23 EST 1998

> Does anyone know the skinny on SMP'ing non-Intel processors?  AMD's
> website doesn't mention it and I hear very conflicting reports elsewhere.
> I imagine a dual-k6 would give P2 a run for the money, both price and
> performance-wise.

 A dual K5-166 will outrun any single P-II up to about 300 Mhz - and
costs LESS than ANY P-II.

 The trick is to come up with a motherboard that will support multiple
K5 CPUs.  8-(

 I can build two complete K5-166 systems for less than a single P-II
system (except for a P-II 233, which a SINGLE K5-166 almost matches but
the P-II 233 system costs about 50% more) - these systems include HD,
FD, LAN KB and such, but not monitors (I am using a switchbox setup on
most of my machines anyway).

 The only BAD part to the K5 series is that AMD seems to be phasing them
out, probably in order to ramp up K6 production, possibly to start up
production of a P-II/PPro clone. K5's ARE getting a lot harder to get
ahold of new in any event. 8-<

 These comments apply to RC5 only - K5's don't have any real advantage
over Pentiums for DES, and with the current client cores run a hair
SLOWER than a "real Pentium" (there is no DES optimied K5 core, AFAIK).


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