[RC5] Golomb stuff

Dan Nordquist dan at nordquist.com
Tue Mar 3 11:22:43 EST 1998

Thanks for the mini-FAQ... it answered lots of questions.  However, I have
two more:

a) What makes anyone think that radio dishes should be spaced out in integer
intervals?  That seems very odd.  You want a VLA with all inter-dish
intervals different, wouldn't you want to use all real numbers?  Some sort
of Fibonnacci sequence, at least?

b) Is anyone else concerned about the multi-project model for v3?  d.net has
been unstoppable, in the past, because everyone interested in the idea has
been unified in the direction of a solution of one problem.  If everyone is
able to pick a different project, then won't the power of d.net be
splintered into a whole bunch of weaker factions?  Worse yet, if people can
set up their clients to do 33% Golomb, 33% RC5, and 33% SETI, then the
projects become even more splintered, and each one takes longer to complete.
We'll be working just as hard, but getting to each goal more slowly... or
slower than we would be if we tackled one project first, another project
next, then another...

Just wondering.

-Dan Nordquist
 dan at nordquist.com
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