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Jeff Weston wrote:

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>       There is one potential problem with searching from start to end. It could
>be possible for someone with this knowledge about D.Net to organize a contest and
purposefully >pick a key near the end.


I was thinking about that a while ago.   Would one way to combat that sneaky trick
(not that I'm suggesting it would be employed of course!) be to search the keys in a
sort of 0-1%, 10-11%, 20-21%, etc, then 1-2%, 11-12%, or just randomly of course ?

How do d.net do it ?   Did we go from 0% towards 100% trusting it was randomly
picked ?

I agree with remarks about the web site too.  I'm not complaining though, as a
fairly recent participant, I think the site is generally good but I also believe
there is some scope to make it a little more obvious where to find some things.  I
spent a fair while the other day looking for the page to download a perproxy.  I
also spent quite a while looking for an email address to point out a possible bug.
Clicking on Statistics in one place took me to the proxy status page not the stats
page I was looking for.

Also, perhaps a nice simple intro page for the not_so_hot_on_computers people too ?
Some people I've tried to recruit, having just gone from the wordprocessing_only
stage to signing up with an ISP, took a look at the current page, and surfed on by.

So, no flames please, like I said, I think d.net is doing a pretty job.  I just
think that we might be able to encourage a few more people.

Nick Pearce
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