[RC5] Server Interface (request)

Jacques Exelrud exelrud at usa.net
Tue Mar 3 17:20:38 EST 1998

Richard Marsden wrote:
> What would really help, is if there a simple email interface. Perhaps a 1
> line command in the email saying something like "fetch rc5 100" to fetch
> 100 blocks. Then the rest of the email is a MIME packed output buffer of
> completed blocks.
	That almost what is entering testing this week.
	The subject line will accept the following commands:
		-a address		proxy address to use when fetching/flushing (for Team
pproxy support)
		-bin #			number of blocks to fetch
		-nolog			if you want the log to be sent back to you
	The client output will be sent back anyway.

	The current program has some restrictions:
		Only one block to be flushed per mail
		The block must be uuencoded (Hope begin working with MIME support this
> Yes, this would require manual processing for the client user, but is a
> *lot* less hassle than what they're having to do at the moment.
> Most of our team members use CIX for their email. This is a conferencing
> system rather than proper IP - email is quick, and we all use Offline
> Readers.   (CIX also provide an ISP service)
	A good future feature for tyhe client will be the possibility for it
(the client) to send the mail with the buff-out.rc5 block, this way the
only work the user would need is reading his/her email and savind the
new buff-in.rc5 file to disk.
	The same email used to flush the block can re
	Sugestions are welcome.

	[]s Jacques (PICE)
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