[RC5] First Impressions

Bojan Baros barosb1 at lasalle.edu
Tue Mar 3 16:57:02 EST 1998

> 	I had heard from somewhere that D.Net starts at the front and works it's
> way to the back. This seemed the case with DES 2. There should be no
> difference in what order we decide to search the keyspace, as the key can
> be *anywhere*, not just near the middle. Look at DES 2.
> 	There is one potential problem with searching from start to end. It could
> be possible for someone with this knowledge about D.Net to organize a
> contest and purposefully pick a key near the end. I'm not saying this has
> been done, or ever will be done, but it is possible.
Letme add something here...   If RSA would be able to place a key based 
on the way that D.net is cracking it, it would be reasonable to put it 
somewhere where it would be found within first couple of days.  Why??? 
Because, giving 5'000 More now, but on each new contest giving 1'000 
instead of 10'000 because of the small time limit...
	Sounds reasonable???

Bojan Baros
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