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Dan Sugalski sugalskd at osshe.edu
Tue Mar 3 15:26:37 EST 1998

At 04:52 PM 3/3/1998 -0500, Bojan Baros wrote:
>Someone was saying something about K5's being less and less avaiable... 
>It is true, but the reason is actualy a big surprise... AMD is planning 
>to move on motherboards that usually host ALPHA.  Now that Digital Alpha 
>has been bought by Intel, Many motherboard producers don't know what will 
>Intel do, will it make matherboards on its own or completely stop Alpha 
>production.  AMD saw that chance, and is going at it full speed.  Also, 
>if AMD rolls it out nice as they want it to, it will be faster that PC's 
>with intel motherboard because of their simpler design, and also, 
>multiprocessing will be built-in in every board.

This is a piece of misinformation that's been floating around for a while.
Intel has *not* bought the Alpha chip. What they *have* bought is Digital's
fab plant (and they have to dedicate a big fraction of its output to
whatever Dec wants to have built) and the StrongARM processor, and they
paid a big chunk of cash as part of a patent infringement settlement.

Dec (now Compaq) owns all rights to the Alpha chips, and always has. They
can have 'em produced anywhere they can rent fab time at, and theyhave a
number of partners (including Samsung) who have licensed the Alpha chips
and produce them on their own fab facilities. (Sun does something similar
with their SPARC chips)

AMD is using the same funky chip socket for their Kx chips that Dec uses
for the Alphas, so theoretically you could swap chips and use the same
motherboard. (You'd need new boot ROMs, of course, since the Kx and Alpha
chips aren't binary compatible, but they are electrically compatible, more
or less)


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