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Tue Mar 3 18:22:36 EST 1998

On Tue, 3 Mar 1998, Dan Sugalski wrote:
> This is a piece of misinformation that's been floating around for a while.
> Intel has *not* bought the Alpha chip. What they *have* bought is Digital's
> fab plant (and they have to dedicate a big fraction of its output to
> whatever Dec wants to have built) and the StrongARM processor, and they
> paid a big chunk of cash as part of a patent infringement settlement.

I'm glad someone set the record straight here, I read the origonal message
and franticly typed in http://alpha.digital.com to see what the scoop is.
Your information rings correct with what I read.  If Intel buys the Alpha,
you can kiss the Alpha goodbye.

> AMD is using the same funky chip socket for their Kx chips that Dec uses
> for the Alphas, so theoretically you could swap chips and use the same
> motherboard. (You'd need new boot ROMs, of course, since the Kx and Alpha
> chips aren't binary compatible, but they are electrically compatible, more
> or less)

I personally think it could be something quite nice coming from an
intelligent company like AMD. At the very least, I would expect Alpha
supporting motherboards to get cheaper :)  Seriously though, if AMD can
run as good an act on those boards as Digital does, I think Intel is gonna
be in for some stiff competition. I'll still buy a real Alpha though!

Thanks for the update, Dan!

- Josh
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